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iPhone Water Damage

After your iPhone has been subjected to moisture/ water damage, do not try to turn your device on. This is the #1 cause of a dead phone after exposure to liquid damage. If you turn on your device while it still has moisture/ liquid in it, you can very easily short-circuit your iPhone which will fry the iPhone’s motherboard.
As soon as you get the phone out of the water, or whatever liquid it may have been exposed to, dab off as much of the liquid as possible from the outside of the phone.
Using a pentalobe (5-point) screwdriver, remove the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone. If you don’t have the screwdriver, skip to step #6.
Remove the battery, motherboard, and any other components that were exposed to liquid damage.
Clean off the motherboard and other components with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a lint-free microfiber. Be sure to carefully clean off the connectors on the motherboard and accessories to remove the corrosive properties of the liquid.
If you can not disassemble the phone, Please bring it to us immediately. It is better that the phone is still wet than if it has dried off! Corrosion sets after the water or liquid has dried.
After reassembling the iPhone, turn it on to see if it works. If the iPhone turns on, but the LCD is cloudy, that means it has absorbed water, and you will need to replace the LCD.
Article Credit: WikiHow
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